Todays update brings some website changes, two new icons, and a bunch of icon improvements.


  • Dropbox icon
  • Fullscreen icon


  • A number of icons received subtle improvements, such as the camera, and the sharing icon.
  • The info, notice and help icons were changed from outlines to filled in.
  • Exclamation marks were improved in spam, warning and notice icons.
  • The quote icon was improved to look more like a quote glyph.
  • -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; was added to the Genericons helper CSS, to improve rendering in Firefox.

The website was visually updated to accomodate a new filter tool, which lets you easily search to find the glyph you need to  copy/paste.

Since many icons were visually updated, please be mindful if you choose to upgrade and check that the updated icons behave as you intended.