Tiny release today. The Google Plus icon has been updated to match Googles new style.

In addition to this, a couple of helper classes were added to the CSS. Apply genericon-rotate-90 to rotate 90 degrees, also genericon-rotate-180 and genericon-rotate-270. Or genericon-flip-horizontal to mirror an icon horizontally, or genericon-flip-vertical for vertical.

Update: 3.4.1 adds an IE8 fix.

3.3: The Source Release

Todays 3.3 release of Genericons brings no new icons, but it does bring you the source files for every existing icon, as well as a way to easily make your own flavor of Genericons.

In the `source` directory, you’ll find all Genericons source icons in SVG format. This will allow you to use a tool such as FontCustom or Fontello to make your own customized version of Genericons. Perhaps you need more logos than are available in the base Genericons package? Just add those logos and bake your own expanded set. Maybe you need just a few of the icons Genericons provides, but would like to trim the fat? Remove the ones you won’t need!



A number of new icons and a couple of quick updates.


  • Activity
  • HTML anchor
  • Bug
  • Download
  • Handset
  • Microphone
  • Minus
  • Plus
  • Move
  • Rating stars, empty, half, full
  • Shuffle
  • Videocamera
  • Spotify
  • Twitch


  • Fixed geometry in Edit icon
  • Updated Foursquare icon



Big release. Genericons is now generated using a commandline tool called FontCustom. This makes it far easier to add new icons to the font, but the switch means the download zip now has a different layout, fonts have different filenames, there’s now no .otf font included (but the .ttf should suffice), and the font now has slightly different metrics. I’ve taken great care to ensure this new version should work as a drop-in replacement, but please be mindful and test carefully if you choose to upgrade.


  • Per feedback, the baked-in 16px width and height has been removed from the helper CSS. It wasn’t really necessary (the glyph itself has these dimensions naturally), and it caused some headaches.
  • Base64 encoding is now included by default in the helper CSS. This makes it drop-in easy to get Genericons working in Firefox even when using a CDN.
  • Title attribute on website tool.


  • Website icon
  • Ellipsis icon
  • Foursquare icon
  • X-post icon
  • Sitemap icon
  • Hierarchy icon
  • Paintbrush icon


  • Show and Hide icons were updated for clarity.

Have fun, and be careful when you upgrade. This is the last big structural change, and icons should be added faster from here on out. Enjoy!


Todays update brings some website changes, two new icons, and a bunch of icon improvements.


  • Dropbox icon
  • Fullscreen icon


  • A number of icons received subtle improvements, such as the camera, and the sharing icon.
  • The info, notice and help icons were changed from outlines to filled in.
  • Exclamation marks were improved in spam, warning and notice icons.
  • The quote icon was improved to look more like a quote glyph.
  • -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; was added to the Genericons helper CSS, to improve rendering in Firefox.

The website was visually updated to accomodate a new filter tool, which lets you easily search to find the glyph you need to  copy/paste.

Since many icons were visually updated, please be mindful if you choose to upgrade and check that the updated icons behave as you intended.



Todays release brings a large batch of new icons and a few updated ones as well.


  • Social icons: Skype, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pocket.
  • New generic icons: heart, lock and print.
  • New editing icons: code, bold, italic, image
  • New interaction icons: subscribe, unsubscribe, subscribed, reply all, reply, flag.


  • The hyperlink icon has been updated to be clearer, chunkier.
  • The “home” icon has been updated for style, size and clarity.
  • The email icon has been updated for style and clarity, and to fit with the new subscribe icons.
  • The document icon has been updated for style.
  • The “pin” icon has been updated for style and clarity.
  • The Twitter icon has been scaled down to fit with the other social icons.

The Genericons.com website was also updated, now with permalinks.


We don’t often update icons, but have done so due to feedback. Please be mindful if you choose to upgrade, and check that the updated icons behave as you intended.

For those of you using Genericons in your Photoshop mockup, remember to delete the old version of the font from your system and update with the new one from the zip file. If you have an old version of the font installed locally, that’s the font that’ll be used in your webdesigns as well, so if you’re missing icons, check for old versions of the font on your system.

Have fun!


Genericons 3.0.1 is a minor typo release, with two new icons thrown in for good measure.

  • Fixed a typo in the previous helper CSS. There were two “top” icons and one of them was in fact supposed to show a new “refresh” icon.
  • New Path and inverse Google+ icons.

Hope you enjoy Genericons!


Version 3.0 has been released along with these changes:

  • New icons: fast forward, rewind, PollDaddy, notice, info, help and portfolio.
  • Updated the feed icon. It’s a bit smaller now for consistency, the previous one was rather big.
  • The version numbering is now PHP version-compare friendly (next version will be 3.1).
  • Genericons.com now has a mini release blog. You’re reading it!
  • The CSS has prettier formatting.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy Genericons.